Friday, April 26, 2013

Fiction and Non-Fiction Writers

A list of authors who write both fiction and non-fiction books. With an example of one fiction and one non-fiction book for each.

Armstrong, Sally
     Fiction: The nine lives of Charlotte Taylor : the first woman settler of the Miramichi
     Non-Fiction: Veiled threat : the women of Afghanistan

Asimov, Isaac
     Fiction: Pebble in the sky
     Non-Fiction: Cosmic debris: the asteroids

Bova, Ben
     Fiction: Laugh lines
     Non-Fiction: The story of light

Card, Orson Scott
     Fiction: The gate thief
     Non-Fiction: Characters & viewpoint

Chopra, Deepak
     Fiction: Soulmate
     Non-Fiction: God : a story of Revelation

Clancy, Tom
     Fiction: Splinter cell
     Non-Fiction: Marine : a guided tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit

Cornwell, Patricia
     Fiction: All that remains
     Non-Fiction: Ruth, a portrait : the story of Ruth Bell Graham

Cussler, Clive:
     Fiction: Zero hour
     Non-Fiction: The sea hunters II

Eco, Umberto
     Fiction: The Prague cemetery
     Non-Fiction: This is not the end of the book

Evans, Richard Paul
     Fiction: The letter
     Non-Fiction: The five lessons a millionaire taught me for women

Grisham, John
     Fiction: The chamber
     Non-Fiction: The innocent man : murder and injustice in a small town

King, Stephen
     Fiction: The shining
     Non-Fiction: Storm of the century

Koontz, Dean
     Fiction: Odd hours
     Non-Fiction: Life is good! : lessons in joyful living

MacIntyre, Linden
     Fiction: The long stretch
     Non-Fiction: Who killed Ty Conn?

Mayle, Peter
     Fiction: A dog's life
     Non-Fiction: Encore Provence : new adventures in the south of France

Macomber, Debbie
     Fiction: Texas two-step
     Non-Fiction: The shop on Blossom Street

Oates, Joyce Carol 
     Fiction: Give me your heart : tales of mystery and suspense
     Non-Fiction: A widow's story : a memoir

Patterson, James
     Fiction: Thriller
     Non-Fiction: The murder of King Tut : the plot to kill the child king : a nonfiction thriller

Powning, Beth
     Fiction:The hatbox letters
     Non-Fiction: Shadow child : an apprenticeship in love and loss

Preston, Douglas J.
     Fiction: The codex
     Non-Fiction: Cities of gold : a journey across the American Southwest in Coronado's footsteps

Proulx, Anne
     Fiction: Brokeback mountain
     Non-Fiction: Bird Cloud : a memoir

Rankin, Ian
     Fiction: Beggars banquet
     Non-Fiction: Rebus's Scotland

Rice, Anne
     Fiction: The wolf gift
     Non-Fiction: Called out of darkness : a spiritual confession

Roald, Dahl
     Fiction: Ah, sweet mystery of Life
     Non-Fiction: Going solo

Scottoline, Lisa
     Fiction: Legal tender 
     Non-Fiction: Best friends, occasional enemies : the lighter side of life as a mother and daughter

Sedaris, David
     Fiction: Squirrel seeks chipmunk : a modest bestiary
     Non-Fiction: Naked

Shaara, Jeff
    Fiction: The rising tide
    Non-Fiction:  Jeff Shaara's Civil War battlefields

Shatner, William
     Fiction: The law of war
     Non-Fiction: I'm working on that : a trek from science fiction to science fact

Shields, Carol
     Fiction: The republic of love
     Non-Fiction: Jane Austen

Steinbeck, John
     Fiction: The Pearl
     Non-Fiction: Travels with Charley in search of America

Updike, John
     Fiction:Toward the end of time
     Non-Fiction: Golf dreams : writings on golf

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