Monday, December 10, 2012

Library Christmas

First of all loving the book tree created by James Cook University Library. It is frankly awesome and now I wish I still had enough books to make myself one but since I don't I shall just have to admire theirs. It's a very nice touch to add in the ornaments in the cracks. I would love to do a whole 12 days of Christmas blog posts thing but since I am going on vacation and no one reads this I'm not going to. This might be my last post until after Christmas. I have learned a very valuable lesson though. Never ever go on vacation around Christmas unless you want your life to devolve into unending stress and panic. Also kiss any kind of budget goodbye because you have to get all your Christmas presents at once AND you are still going on vacation so financial solvency becomes a distant memory. Anyways Merry Christmas to my non-readers and I hope your tree is half as cool as this one.

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