Friday, April 18, 2014

Peanut Butter Disappointment

My three pack of Reese peanut butter cups only had one cup! I just walked into the kitchen and grabbed a Reese chocolate bar out of a box of chocolate bars I bought the other day. As soon as I picked it up I noticed it seemed super light. I instantly flashed back to the conversation I had the other day about how everything is getting more expensive but inexplicably smaller as well. I was thinking wow was I ever right. Then I opened it and there was only one inside despite the advertising for 3 on the package. That was the biggest chocolate bar let down ever, especially since I kind of cheated to let myself have this one bar and I only got one cup instead.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Letter Writing Challenge

I enjoy challenges so I decided I needed to add to my resolution to write people once a week. So naturally I started searching for challenges. I found all kinds of references to the 30 day challenge, that I sadly missed. That challenge was very basic though, write a letter a day for 30 days. I was looking for something more specific. I was surprised by how few there were so I am forced to create my own ideas and Frankenstein them together with the ones I found online.

My challenge will be to write 52 letter (starting April 1st) before April 2015. The challenges will include me writing to: 

1. My best friend
2. Parents
3. Siblings
4. A stranger
5. Someone wishing them a happy birthday
6. Someone I don't talk to as much as I'd like to
7. Someone who is outside my country  
8. Someone wishing them a happy New Years
9. A childhood friend
10. Someone I love for Valentines
11. The person that gave me a great memory
12. Someone wishing them a happy Easter
13. The last person I made a pinky promise to
14. My father, for father's day
15. Someone that changed my life
16. Someone wishing them a happy Thanksgiving
17. A teacher who made a difference in my life
18. Someone wishing them a Merry Christmas
19. Someone who lives with me
20. A postcard for Canada Post workers
21. Friends or family with photos they will appreciate
22. Someone I met on a pen pal site  
23. Someone I appreciate with a thank you letter
24. One of my favorite authors
25. Someone who needs encouragement
26. Someone with a quote I enjoyed
27. Someone with a joke or something that made me smile
28. Someone using a post card
29. Someone with congratulations on something they are proud of
30. A child or teenager I know. Mail is fun for all ages.
31. My grandparents
32. My aunts and uncles and not just my fav either

I thinks that's all for now, I am going to leave some blank spots for now because I know there are more great ideas out there that I can add. Besides some of them are multiples. I have a lot of aunts and uncles. 

I looked at, and occasionally quoted, the following sites to get some of these ideas:
Live Inspired blog
All Poetry
Elle and Co.
30 Day Challenge Archieve
Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges!
Another idea that I really liked but am not sure about yet is to recruit friends and write mail for seniors. I already mentioned this idea in another post and now that I have come across it again it seems more like one of those important coincidences.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

For the Love of Writing

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I have always had an obsession with writing. When I was young I spent my time writing fantasy stories though I admit I never finished one. I had character sheets and wrote hundreds of pages. I would fold the pages up really small so I could write in class and in church without getting caught. The downfall  being that the pages were so much harder to read.

I also played mail with my sisters. We would put mailboxes outside of our bedrooms and write each other letters.  Eventually I tried writing newsletters but as a kid there really is very little to write about. I would encourage people to write in articles with little luck. The newsletter frenzy was all mine.

Now jumping to my older years, it was only a few years ago that I learned of blogs and I stood no chance against them.  A new frenzy was born; unfortunately, I continued to have nothing to say. Hence the huge time lapse between posts.

Now I have discovered letter writing again. I had a penpal when I was younger and it was great until I hit the angsty teen years. I still flash back with embarrassment about that. I wish I had kept it going and not been so embarrassed about my teen craziness, everyone has to get through it. Unfortunately I didn`t have the retrospective insight then so my penpal days ended. This year I started with the first New Years resolution I have ever kept, so far, to mail something once a week. I quickly tapped out family since you can only send so many letters to people who never write you back.

I was forced to find other ways to accomplish my goals. I joined PostCrossing, I joined the League of Extraordinary Penpals (trial basis), I joined More Love Letters, I am thinking about joining the Letter Writers Alliance. I am obviously crazy because I continue to have nothing to say. However I cannot seem to leave this writing bug behind. I love getting mail and it is weirdly addictive to write letters to people. I am going to take out a book about making art mail from the library and give that a try. I have found my new frenzy.... I hope that it is more successful than all the ones that came before. Though arguably the blog keeps going and going and going.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Love Letters

Today I was craving writing a letter. I had already sent all the PostCrossing postcards I am aloud to send. I haven't received a response from anyone I have sent letters too and I'm still waiting on the address for my friend who is getting married. In other words I am tapped out of letter writing destinations so I went on the hunt on the internet for other letter writing opportunities. I found two great ones. The first one was an organization that writes letters to seniors, an idea that I love, but they are not open to the public understandably (Snail Mail for Seniors). The next one is just as nice but much more spontaneous. You write letters to strangers and just leave them to be found out in the public. It reminds me of  BookCrossing but more inspiring. More Love Letters is a beautiful idea that I cannot wait to try out. Who wouldn't feel good about leaving inspiring messages to people to find throughout their day. It's a great, and cheap way to spread good feelings. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

3D Movies

I recently went to the movies, a nice non-3D movie. Unfortunately there was a medical emergency right in the middle. (The group with the man and the man himself were laughing when we left, so I think everything was ok with him) The theater gave us free passes which we promptly used to get into the same movie but 3D this time. The movie started after ours and had been playing for a while, so was about half an hour behind where we had left off. I had to re-watch the big epic fight scene in 3D this time. Oh my God the difference was intense. In the 3D version the fight was blurry and my eyes kept struggling to focus on what was happening. Things that where clear the first time we watched it were unfocused and confusing. I always knew that I did not like 3D but I had never had a direct comparison before. 3D is terrible, I will never spend my money to see a 3D movie again. You are actually spending more money for less quality. I wonder if Canada Post took a lesson from the success of 3D movies? Interestingly enough the first theater I was in was fuller than the 3D theater as well. I personally hope that means that the trend towards 3D movies will be coming to an end soon.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Barbara Hambley Further Adventures

I just discovered that Barbara Hambly is selling her short stories on her site. Including the further adventures of Antryg and Joanna! I used to check her site continuously to see if she would write another book about these characters and now I find out that there are short stories. I just bought the first one for five dollars USD, I'm doing one at a time to see if they are worth that much, five is alot for a short story considering I loath short stories. However I love Joanna and Antryg. Well I used to, I barely remember the story now since it's been years since I read them last. I officially need to re-read these books so I can enjoy my new short story. Also I offically need to spread the word that these stories exist, hence this post. I cannot believe that I gave up hope and stopped checking her site.


When Canada post decided to, in every way, make their service worse and charge us more for it I decided that I would miss mail. Therefore, I am actively going out of my way to use the postal service more. I started by writing letters but I quickly decided I am a terrible writer, sorry to the people who occasionally read this blog. Also I never got a single reply which became slightly depressing.

From there I almost gave up but one day I was reading an article about February being the month of letter writing. That article linked to a few online pen pal groups. One which looked really interesting, The League of Extraordinary Penpals. Unfortunately it cost money and as I already decided I am a terrible writer, I wasn't prepared to spend the money. Though finding something that looked like so much fun got me searching deeper and from there I found Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is a really cool website that allows you to join and send postcards to other people around the world. When you send postcards you get on the list to receive them too. I so far have sent 5 postcards and cannot wait until I get one back! This site is the perfect way for me to keep my New Year's resolution to mail something once a week and for me to actually receive something in return. Another perk is that post cards are small and very easy to fill. So far the struggle to fill them has been small as well. It helps that they give you hints on what to say in the FAQs. So far I recommend the experience though I reserve the right to change my mind if I never get a post card back.

P.S. Mail is fun! People should use snail mail more often. Also if someone sends you a letter you should respond, even if you just text because hard copy letters do cost more to send.